Aura Lofts, Las Vegas     Inspired by the contemporary lifestyle of Las Vegas, AURA fashions a new paradigm of style, serenity and service. AURA is defined by its beautiful views, extensive amenities and an attention to detail that solidifies its status as a unique, high-end living experience. A 500 loft complex to take the Vegas living to another level.
  Veer Penthouse, Las Vegas   I bought the last 3500’ Penthouse in the Veer Towers. I couldn’t stand the layout, so I gutted the whole thing, and created a radical space of modern meets rustic, a teak bathtub, Bof fi pipe shower, hand carved stone was from Boffi and a custom wine cellar using the structured columns as design elements.
  Inspiration Point, San Diego   Sitting atop a ridge overlooking the shores of La Jolla, this inspiration lot was so impressive. I worked with House and Dodge architects to design a house to match this. The entire house opened up to take advantage of the temperate Southern California climate. Each room having its own pool and water deck.
  Cliff House, Maui   From beautifully striated walls of rammed earth to sweeping decks of rich Ipe wood, this residence is designed to perfectly complement the natural surroundings.
  Bedarra Island, Australia   Located in the heart of the Family Islands National Park, off the Queensland coast in Australia. Balinese inspired architecture and constructed totally from materials shipped from the mainland. The remote island had no power or water services making it a real challenge for construction.
  Sun Glow, Las Vegas   Not just another modern home perched amidst a pristine high desert setting, Sun Glow is for architecture and desert aficionados alike. Designed with the thoughts of simply decompressing in style and serenity.
  Surf Shack, Maui   This was the coolest loaction for that classic hawaiin beach shack - nestled in a small private cove in Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii. Built over 50 years ago it still had all the original kitchen, carpet, etc. Seeing it was such a stellar location it deserved a total renovation. A year of careful planning and hard work paid off transforming the shack to a cool, modern, organic beach retreat. I never wanted to leave.
  LIK USA Corporate Offices, Las Vegas   We spend a lot of time at work, and my concept brought a huge atrium in the middle of the building, and wrapped the offices around it. Filled with bamboo brings nature and zen into the of fice.
  Fine Art Photography Galleries   Designed over 30 galleries worldwide to showcase my art. Australia, Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Miami. Handcrafted wooden floors and elegant finishes working with less is more theory - selling fine art.
  Private Club, Las Vegas   Upscale and intimate, rustic, yet refined. The understated elegance of the LIK Club has the ambiance of a hidden nightclub, with the feel of a rock-star recording studio. I built this retreat so I could do what I want, when I want, and as long as I want with whoever I want.
  Inspired by Nature's Palette   I take inspiration from the surrounding landscape reflecting warm and serene aesthetic. Infused with rich wood tones, polished concrete and textured handcrafted materials. Where modern meets rustic and shapes repeat themselves.